These 8 Bedtime Stories Will Put Your Child to Sleep Immediately

These 8 Bedtime Stories Will Put Your Child to Sleep Immediately

Parents know that sometimes putting a child to sleep is a real challenge. There is a reliable and fast way, though. You're surely familiar with fairy tales. But have you ever tried bedtime stories? They're designed to lull your child to sleep by calming their mind and creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. 

When we were creating our application, of course we couldn't forget about bedtime stories! Try reading a bedtime story with your child tonight -these are a few of our favourites:

Good Night, Farm Animals

This bedtime story is a beautiful story that takes you to a busy farm. But the noise gradually dies down and as the evening comes, the people and the animals begin to fall asleep. Your child can say good night to each animal, which helps pleasantly set their mood for a good night's rest. 

Best Friend

Is your child curious and interested in how the human body functions? If so, this bedtime story will delight them. It's a story that takes you on a slow journey through the human body. Your child will learn to work with breathing, which is soothing at night and puts them to sleep. At the same time, this bedtime story explains why rest and sleep is so important. 

The Cloud

This bedtime story is designed for the youngest children and together with your child you will set out to a country full of magical adventures. Beautiful descriptions of this country will contribute to your child's visualisation which in this case will help to induce a state of drowsiness and introduce them to the realm of dreams. 

This bedtime story takes you and your child to a country full of magical adventures. Designed for younger children, it's filled with beautiful descriptions of the country. It helps with your child's visualization, which in turn helps to create a state of drowsiness while introducing them into the dream realm.

The Old Oak

Nature has a calming effect on all of us, and children are no exception. That’s why we've included a story about an old oak tree in our bedtime story. The old oak provides shelter and a place to rest for several forest creatures. There is a calming atmosphere throughout the bedtime story, which evokes a feeling of security and safety. 

The Naughty Gnome

As they say, not everyday is Sunday and putting your child to sleep can sometimes be challenging. If your child has had a restless day and can’t calm down at night, this bedtime story can help you. It tells a story about a restless gnome who doesn't want to fall asleep. Eventually, he goes to bed and falls asleep peacefully. 

The Story of a Ladybug

Bedtime stories can help not only in the evenings, but also in the afternoon for younger children, for their after-lunch nap. This one is a good example. It's a comforting story about a little ladybug who decides to rest during a sunny day on the leaf of a flowering apple tree. 

The Lost Chick

This bedtime story is a beautiful example of how perfectly a bedtime story, a wonderful story and love for animals can be combined. It's about a little chick who gets lost on the farm and can’t find his mother. When night falls, he's still looking for her. The other good-natured animals come to his aid, and with their help he gets home again. Eventually, he and his siblings finally fall asleep in their soft nest. 

Night Under the Sky

Is your child an adventurer longing for adventures in the outdoors? Then this wonderful bedtime story will appeal to them. It tells the story of a trip outdoors. It also describes the night sight of the twinkling stars and the watching of a flame in a fireplace. The atmosphere of the whole story is very calm and relaxing, so it can put your child to sleep quickly. 

Those are our 8 favourite bedtime stories to read your child to get them to sleep. We hope you and your child have enjoyed reading them together!

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