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Read Together.
Be Happy Together.

Bring stories to life
with sound effects
by your voice

We offer over 100 children’s

stories in our app.

Download it for free today.

Books will be brought to

life for a unique

reading adventure.

All books synchronized

with our voice-driven sounds for

a magical experience.

Bonding moments

Crafted to perfection, every part of the app is designed to create a unique experience for you and your children.


Unique sounds




Years of work

Beautiful illustrations

Each fairytale has a wonderful cover illustration.
The children’s books, however, are text-only so that
the focus is on your voice and the magical sounds.

Kids love it !

“I fell in love with reading the stories to my 8-year old son and 5-year old daughter with Readmio. They ask me to read to them every night.”

Martin, happy user