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This story takes children on a discovery journey through the human body. It will teach them to work with breathing, to calm themselves down and put them to sleep. At the same time, children will learn more about the human body and also why it is important for them to relax properly.

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Best Friend
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We all have this unique ability: we can go inside of ourselves. All we have to do is make a connection. Our breath, which also has healing powers, can help us with that. It fills our whole body, each organ and each cell with more energy.

You can connect with your breath anytime and anywhere. It can help you solve many difficulties in life. Just let your breath calm you down, soothe you and turn your attention to your inner self. Breath is your best friend, and it will never let you down. You can rely on it in many situations.

Let’s try it now. Lie on your back in your bed. Make sure you are comfortable: not too cold or too hot. Erase any thoughts from today, you won’t need them at all. Just think about how your feet and hands touch the sheets, how your head rests on the pillow. Notice how the clothes you have on touch your skin.

Now close your eyes and focus only on your breath. Feel its speed. You may hear air flowing through your nose to your lungs and then out again. For a little while, focus on this moment only.

You can feel your chest rising as you breathe in and lowering again when you breathe out. Breathe in... breathe out. Slowly put all your thoughts aside and focus only on your chest as it rises and then falls again.

You don't have to focus either on how long or fast your breath is right now. Breathe naturally and the way it is right now. Imagine that with each breath, your lungs get filled with life-giving energy that travels through your whole body.

The flowing air improves your cells and cleanses every bit of your body. See how the flow…

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