A Night Under the Stars

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In the evening, watching the twinkling stars right from your sleeping bag or gazing into the flames of a real campfire can be a truly beautiful and enjoyable experience. Being outdoors and in the fresh air is good for our immunity. Using those restful images can help your child fall asleep.

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A Night Under the Stars
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Imagine we're sitting around a campfire. It's a humid summer evening. The red sky in the distance is slowly getting darker and the sun is setting over the horizon. Night creeps silently towards us and begins to dress the whole world in a dark cloak.

A guitar has just finished singing its last notes and the fire crackles in front of us. We've been feeding it with prepared logs all evening, but now it's time to let it burn out. Watch as the flames get smaller and gradually turn into little sparks. They’ll fly lazily in the hot coals at the bottom of the fireplace for a while longer.

At last the last flame has died out and only a few sparks fly out of the pile of ashes now and then. Look how dark it suddenly is around us. Everything has gone quiet, the embers are beginning to cool. It's time for bed.

Let's crawl into our sleeping bags and stare at the sky. Look how many stars have come out. It's almost as if the sparks from our fire have jumped into the sky and scattered like a pile of glowing beads.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine one of the stars has slipped right into your sleeping bag to bring you some warmth from the sky. A little star wiggles up to your legs and gently tickles your feet. You can feel the pleasant warmth slowly rising through your body. Your legs became heavy, relaxed.

And the star jumps up to your tummy. The magical warmth rises from your belly button to your shoulders. Your whole torso has become heavy and relaxed. The star now sits on your palm. You feel its magical warmth flow from your fingertips to…

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