Good Night, Farm Animals

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This bedtime story takes us to a busy farm which gets calmer by the end of the day as its animals get ready to sleep. Children can wish good night to all of the animals and also prepare for their own sleep.

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Good Night, Farm Animals
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Today we're visiting a farm full of different animals, where the day is coming to its end - right now! Darkness is starting to cover nearly the whole farm. The bright sun is beginning to hide below the horizon.

The relentless breeze still runs through the nearby meadows, and gently caresses the grass and flowers. They slowly rock to its rhythm and gradually shut their buds. Even tiny crickets are just about to finish their last songs tonight. They're all saying that now is high time to wish a good night to all of the farm animals.

Let's take a look inside the barn. A brown and white cow with huge brown eyes and a bell on her neck lives there. Gently pet her head. She starts stretching a little, and will soon find the softest place to yawn for the last time. In a while, she'll close her eyes drowsily. After that, we quietly leave, and blow out the candle behind us so that the cow can sleep tight in the dark.

Ducks in the pond are getting ready for sleep, too. They're cleaning and preening their feathers thoroughly, so they can dip their tired heads into clean wings. There are gentle waves on the surface where they're rocking. They have sweeter dreams when they are sleeping on tiny waves. Look at that, it seems they are asleep already.

We'll soon go to sleep, too. But let’s have a quick look at the piglets. All four of them have already snuggled next to each other and are snoring happily. They'll definitely dream of having fun in the muddy, mucky yard with their friends.

Let’s turn off the lights for them, too, so that they sleep better. When it’s time to get up, the warm sun will tickle them through the windows on their pink noses and wake them up into a brand new day.

Oh, but there are three naughty little goats living next to them. Today they've been frolicking in the yard the whole day. But now it’s time to have proper sleep, to have even more energy tomorrow.

Luckily, it’s started raining heavily so the little goats have found cozy and warm spots in the fresh straw. They gradually fall asleep, one by one, to the pleasant sound of the drops dripping off of the tin roofs. Let’s just quietly turn the lights off and let them rest, shall we?

Peace and quiet has come to the cheerful farm. The gentle rain keeps on drumming softly on the soft ground. We'll definitely have sweet dreams, too. The flowers in the meadows have long been sleeping in their closed buds, covered in raindrops.

The little cow has been sleeping soundly for a while. The ducks have moved under the large reeds to huddle from the rain, but the tiny waves on the pond soon put them to sleep again.

The piglets are certainly dreaming of something nice too, because all four of them are oinking in sleep happily. The little goats are dreaming of jumping out in the yard and discovering new things in the hills, from first-thing tomorrow morning.

And now it's time for us to lie down comfortably in our beds. Close our eyes. Listen to the sweet pitter-patter music of the raindrops that play good night for us. Sweet dreams, say the raindrops. The sweetest of dreams to you.

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