The Little Cloud

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In this bedtime story for the youngest children, we set out for a miraculous land full of magical adventures. Just hop on a little cloud and we can set out right to the land of dreams.

This story was written for you by Martin from our Readmio team.

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The Little Cloud
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You know what we’ll do today? We'll set out on a wonderful journey, with lots of magical adventures on the way. Imagine a marvellous little cloud that will take you to the rainbow’s place, and to the magical fairies, too. You will soar up over meadows dotted with colourful flowers. Their pleasant scent spreads far and wide. Your new friend, the little cloud, will take you to a magic land.

But before we go, close your eyes. Find the softest spot in your bed so that you feel cosy and peaceful. Because now is the right time to relax to get some energy for a brand new day.

Your arms and legs are relaxed and completely light, as if something was helping you float. Put your hands on your stomach and watch them rise and fall with your breath. You take a deep breath, and your hands rise. And with a slow breath out, they fall.

And once more. A deep breath in and a slow breath out. Watch your hands. Breathe in and breathe out. If any thoughts try to disturb you, just blow them away. The cloud will now take your hand for a small adventure together.

You are slowly floating in the blue sky among other clouds. Look, they all have different shapes. This one looks like a giant duck, and that one is just like a little car. And look to the right, doesn’t that one look like a heart? Wave hello to them. They're so excited to have you here!

All of the clouds are rocking gently, and so are you, with them. Up and down. Just like your calm breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Now, in your mind, you can ask the soft wind to blow a little into you.

You feel…

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