Free for every school and preschool

Every school teacher or kindergarten teacher will receive a yearly subscription to the Readmio application from us for free! After that, any school or preschool will be able to continue their subscription after the initial year at a discounted price of more than 60% off.

What is Readmio?

It’s an application in which fairy tales come alive with sounds, using speech recognition technology. Just start reading and the app automatically adds sounds and music to your voice as you read the story. This will create a magical performance, similar to a theater right in your classroom.

What is Readmio?
Why to try it?

Why to try it?

Readmio has been loved by thousands of children and teachers. However, we know that schools and kindergartens have limited options for purchasing applications and teaching aids. That's why we decided to provide Readmio for free.

How do I get Readmio?

Just fill out the form. We will then send you a promo code that will activate the full version of the application on your phone for free for 1 year.

Click here for free download of the application:

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Important: After your free first year, the subscription will automatically renew with the discounted price in the App Store/Google Play Store. If you wish to cancel the subscription after the first free year, you can do so directly in the Google Play/App Store application.