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This is a delightful story about a little ladybird who finds a quiet place on one of the leaves of a blossoming apple tree. The calm setting will prepare your children for a pleasant rest. Let them be carried away by the soothing atmosphere, which is perfect for an afternoon nap.

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About a Ladybird
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There’s a ladybird lounging on a green leaf of a flowering apple tree. She has red wings with black dots, six small legs, a little black nose and a happy smile, which makes her beautiful.

It’s a sunlit spring afternoon and our little ladybird is about to have a nap. She stretches all of her legs one by one, fluffs her wings and yawns deeply. Then she closes her eyes and smiles even wider.

And you, why don’t you close your eyes and take a deep breath? Imagine how a gentle wind is caressing your face, just like it caresses our ladybird. You can feel the sun’s rays tickling your nose and oh, the flowers on the tree smell so lovely!

Through her slightly closed eyes, the ladybird stares at the blue sky covered in white clouds floating above. Let’s count them, all together, with the ladybird. The first cloud is in the shape of a heart. The second resembles a bird. And another one over there looks like a giant, fluffy elephant roaming the sky. And there, that fourth cloud, it looks exactly like a ladybird with outstretched wings.

The ladybird quietly snores with a smile. She’s taking the most from the sun rays and the pleasant wind on her back. Pleasant warmth rises through her legs, then all over her body, and her bee friends are singing to her. They have some important work to do on the apple tree. Can you hear them buzzing?

The sun slowly covers the clouds and the gentle wind grows stronger. It pushes the clouds in front of it faster and faster. The fifth, the sixth, the seventh... the ladybird has already lost the count.

The leaf she’s chosen for her nap has been rocking beautifully. But the smell of…

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