The Old Oak Tree

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This bedtime story aims to connect the life of the forest with the lives of humans. An old oak tree provides protection and a peaceful place for forest creatures to rest, serving as a cosy home for many animals. The tale evokes a friendly atmosphere and a sense of security and safety, to comfort your child as they drift off to dreamland.

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The Old Oak Tree
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An extremely old oak tree stands strong and tall in a dense, dark forest. No one knows exactly how long it has been there, but it has already outlived many human generations.

This big tree has a massive crown, which collects much of the rain that falls on its large leaves, making it a perfect shelter for certain plants and animals. Its branches resemble wide-open arms, and indeed those branches lovingly support many forest creatures.

Recently a family of doves came to settle in the bushy crown of the tree. Their beautiful singing has added to the lovely atmosphere — they live in perfect harmony with the old oak. Their songs let everyone know that this is a safe haven, a place of peace and quiet.

For the baby doves, it’s a real oasis. There they can comfortably snuggle-up in their soft nest and close their eyes to re-energise. They can enjoy sweet dreams about one day finally being able to spread their wings and fly into the sky — high above the clouds, on an adventurous journey to where the land ends and the sea begins, to where the waves slowly crash against the cliffs… Ahh.

Meanwhile, two young bear cubs have wandered over to the old oak tree. Their mum lost sight of them for a moment. The mighty oak quietly looks-on while the clumsy cubs chomp on fresh raspberries without a care in the world.

The delicate scent of those berries slowly rises into the air and drifts among the leaves… The old oak breathes-in their sweet aroma. Its leaves gently rustle as the tree sighs a happy, silent sigh. A gentle breeze strokes the crown of the old oak, causing it to sway from side to side like a boat on…

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