The Old Oak Tree

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This good night story connects the life of the forest with the lives of us humans. The old oak, serving as protection and a place to rest for the forest creatures, becomes a cozy home for forest animals. This friendly atmosphere and the feeling of security and safety will be passed on to the children as well through the bedtime story.

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The Old Oak Tree
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Once upon a time, a truly old oak grew in a dark, dense forest. No one knows exactly how long it has been there, but it has outlived many generations. It remembers a lot. The old oak often recalls what has happened around it during such a long time.

It has a massive crown, which creates a perfect shelter from the rain that falls on its large leaves. Its branches resemble wide-open arms, which lovingly hold some of the small creatures of the forest.

The bushy crown of the oak welcomed a family of doves to settle in recently. They've created a friendly atmosphere with their beautiful singing and live together in harmony with the old oak. They just want to let everyone around know that the old oak is a safe haven, full of peace and quiet.

It is an oasis for the baby doves, a place where they can comfortably stay in their soft nest and close their eyes for a moment to re-energize. They'll certainly have sweet dreams about how one day they'll finally spread their wings and rise to the skies with their parents.

They dream of flying high above the clouds and setting out on an adventurous journey where the land ends and the sea begins. Where the waves slowly crash against the cliffs.

There are also two young bear cubs wandering around the oak's trunk. Their mother has lost sight of them for the moment. The oak just silently watches those clumsy bear cubs as they enjoy eating fresh raspberries without a care.

The delicate berry scent slowly rises among the leaves, and even the old oak seems to want to take a deep breath. Its leaves make a gentle rustle and the mighty tree closes its eyes with a happy sigh. A breeze gently strokes the crown, which shakes from side to side like a boat on the high seas. All of the creatures in the tree rock with it slowly.

Two little squirrels have found a shelter here, too. They jump from tree to tree all day, looking for snacks, chasing each other and discovering new magical places in the forest. After a long day, however, they also return to the safe arms of the old oak.

Then they settle calmly in the round hollow and quietly listen to the crickets singing lullabies in the distance. They snuggle themselves in a comfortable bed lined with soft grass. They're both yawning for the last time, and soon they're drowning in colourful dreams about playing on the branches and jumping from twig to twig.

When it gets dark, even the little cubs have been cuddling with their mother for a long time. They're having sweet dreams in warmth and safety. A heavy rain begins again, helping to put all of the forest animals to sleep in the evening.

Soon all of the big and small creatures of the forest are sleeping peacefully. They'll wake up the next day rested and full of energy in the morning. The old oak is grateful for having another day that it could provide shelter for the forest animals.

In fact, the old oak itself is tired and getting sleepy as well. The oak is so glad that it can also have some rest. A deep sigh rustles its leaves, whispering: "Good night and sweet dreams."

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