Quiz: Can you tell which fairy tale it is based on a single image?

Quiz: Can you tell which fairy tale it is based on a single image?

Do you occasionally read fairy tales from our Readmio app to your children? In addition to the interactive engagement of unique sounds while reading, you may also have noticed our beautiful illustrations, which complement every single fairy tale in the application. Can you tell which fairy tale is being referenced, based only on those pictures? 

Only real "fairy tale experts" can pass this test. What will your score be?

1. This beautiful fairy tale, one of Pavel Dobšinský’s stories, tells us of a boy who is much stronger than he seems at first sight because of his size. Which fairy tale is that?

a. Jack and Jill

b. Jack the Pea Boy

c. Little Prince

d. John’s fable

2. This traditional folk tale teaches us that when we join forces, we can do so much more. In it, the main character sets out on an important expedition, where they bring more friends along the way. Which fairy tale is this image from?

a. The Wooden Boy

b. The Golden craft

c. The giant beet

d. The Egg Goes for a Trip

3. This well known and instructive Grimm brothers tale deals with a mother who leaves her children alone in the house. But their enemy threatens them and wants to get into their house. It is:

a. The seven little goats

b. Hare the lawyer

c. Elbow Beard

d. Why the cats chase rats

4. This fairy tale teaches one important lesson: that being greedy doesn't pay off. In this story, the wind blows away the seeds the farmer has planted, but he wants to get them back at all costs. Which fairy tale is that?

a. The glass hill

b. Shake, my satchel!

c. The dividing of the goose

d. The lawyer from the village

5. Perhaps there is no one who does not know this tale of two siblings. They get lost in the forest and find a gingerbread house, but there is danger waiting for them inside. It is:

a. The magic mill

b. The Gingerbread House

c. A long name

d. The magic sandals

6. Similarly, almost everyone knows this cute fairy tale about three siblings who decide that each of them ought to build their own house. However, two of the siblings are lazy, and the hungry wolf uses this to his advantage. It is:

a. The Devil's Lair

b. Hare the lawyer

c. The Wolf and the Ram

d. The three little pigs

7. This traditional fairy tale is known to children all over the world. The main character thrives on the constant admiration of all his subjects, but thanks to the work of two tricksters, he soon comes to regret his behaviour. It is:

a. A night under the stars

b. About rice

c. The Emperor’s New Clothes

d. A crying willow

8. This fairy tale takes us through a story in which a young man sets out on an adventurous journey that will lead him to his princess. Three bold helpers assist him along the way. It is:

a. Smudginella

b. Broad, Long and Sharpsight

c. A night under the stars

d. An impatient farmer

9. This tale is about a prince who, try as he might, can’t find his bride. Eventually, a mysterious girl comes to the castle, who shows interest in him, but the queen decides to check her with a special test. It is:

a. The princess and the pea

b. A famous seer

c. The black and red sweater

d. The donkey, the table, and the stick

10. The next story is known to almost everyone. Its animated version has millions of views on Youtube. Its origin is a Russian folk tale about a reckless girl who gets lost in the woods, where she finds a new friend. Which fairy tale is that? 

a. Frost

b. The little reindeer who gets lost

c. Masha and the Bear

d. Roamer and Scoot

Correct answers:

1. b. Jack the Pea Boy

2. d. The Egg Goes for a Trip

3. a. The seven little goats

4. b. Shake, my satchel!

5. b. The Gingerbread House

6. d. The three little pigs

7. c. The Emperor's New Clothes

8. b. Broad, Long and Sharpsight

9. a. The princess and the pea

10. c. Masha and the Bear


10-8 correct answers

Congratulations! You have shown that you are a true connoisseur of fairy tales, which is really great. Keep on discovering the magic world of fairy tales 

8-6 correct answers

Excellent! Well you’ve got a few blank spaces but you did great and it’s obvious you are at home in the world of fairy tales. 

5-3 correct answers

Your result is not the worst but there are things you could still work on. Try to dive into the world of fairy tales more often, you will definitely like it. 

3 and less correct answers

You did not pass this test well. The world of fairy tales is practically unknown to you. How about fixing it? You will be pleasantly surprised at what interesting places our fairy tales will take you to. 

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