Broad, Long and Sharpsight

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When we join forces, we can overcome difficult obstacles.

An adventurous story about how a young man chooses to win the heart of a princess. Three brave helpers, who he meets on the way to the castle, help him to overcome the obstacles and difficult tasks that stand in his way.

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Broad, Long and Sharpsight
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Once upon a time, there was a kingdom and in that kingdom lived a king and his only daughter. She was as beautiful as she was sharp, but she was also very picky persnickety. Princes came rushing to ask her for her hand in marriage from far and wide, but not a single one struck her fancy.

One day she said: “I will only marry a man who can keep me in my chambers for three days and three nights and won’t let me get away. But those who let me escape will have their heads cut off!” And she laughed.

The king tried saying no to her, shaking his troubled royal head, but the princess wouldn’t hear of it. Princes and dukes from all over the world gathered in the palace, trying to fulfil the princess’s task, but none succeeded. The smart princess easily escaped from every one of them.

One day, a young prince called Martin heard of the beautiful princess who would only marry someone who could keep her in her room for three days and three nights. He packed his things right away and embarked on a long and difficult journey to try to win the princess’s hand.

As he was walking along the road and whistling, he chanced upon a large stranger. “Where are you headed?” asked Martin.

“Oh, I’m just roaming through the world, trying to sway a bit of luck my way,” answered the wanderer.

“And what are you good at?” asked Martin curiously.

“I can do what no one else can do! I make my belly grow so big no one can pass around me, even on the widest of roads.” And already he started growing his belly and soon no one else could possibly fit on the…

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