20+ Autumn Activities With Kids

20+ Autumn Activities With Kids

Autumn doesn't just have to be about rapidly shortening days and moodiness from rainy weather and muddy roads. Autumn will be just as we make it. And we could learn a lot about it from children. So what if it's raining? Let’s make the most of it and run through the drops! Is it windy? Go get the kite from the closet! Oh, and that smell of the autumn forest when we set out for some mushrooms... If you are looking for inspiration, the following ideas may come in handy:

Taste rosehip

They are sweetest when they are frozen, so you have all winter for a healthy snack! And how about rosehip tea?

Run outside in the rain

In a raincoat or with an umbrella. Or even without them. And then quickly get back home, make a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book. What do you think?

Jump in a puddle

Autumn is the queen of puddles. And when you don't feel like jumping, try water painting: dip the nearest branch in water and paint something nice – on the sidewalk or on a stone for example.

Find a yellow, a red and a green leaf

Why do leaves lose their deep green colour in autumn? Do you remember? If not, it’s a sign to hit a library. There, you can find out the answer in a wise book.

Find a winter rose in the garden

Does it smell good? And did you know that you can eat chrysanthemums? In Asia, they make fine tea with them.

Bring some chestnuts and acorns to the feeder

Recent winters have not been full of snow everywhere, but even so, acorns and chestnuts will make forest animals very happy. And if you take an apple with you, you will conjure up a real feast for the animals.

Go for mushrooms

Or just stand for a while in the fragrant, autumn forest. Can you feel the atmosphere?

Hollow out a pumpkin

Put a candle inside and you’ve got an autumn decoration!

Cook a pumpkin soup

With sour cream or without? With basil? Or just sprinkle it with pumpkin seeds? Enjoy your meal!

Light a candle at the cemetery

We certainly remember everyone we loved but who are no longer here with us. But the autumn atmosphere may make us stop and remember for a moment all the beloved people and animals. You don't have to remember only the sad moments; you will definitely remember a lot of happy ones you had with them.

Fly a kite

Whether it is a handmade one, or from the store, it’s important that it flies! And even if it struggles to fly, the fun is guaranteed.

Bake potatoes by the fire

This is the motif of many children's books and nursery rhymes. But have you ever really tried to bake them?

Visit a corn maze

... and find the way from there successfully.

Make bird feeders

When you put sunflower seeds into it, maybe one will slip out of a bird's beak and conjure up a most beautiful summer with its yellow flower. Also, there is nothing more beautiful than when you observe the birds frenzy around a full feeder.

Watch how the birds fly together before flying off to warm countries

Will you manage to count them all before they fly away?

Launch a leaf-boat down a stream

Will you send out a regular boat? Or some spectacular leaf steamboat?

Make up a scary story together and then read it with a flashlight

Try to take turns after every sentence. You will see  what hidden storytelling talent there is in you and your children!

Set the clock to autumn time

Both digital and analogue.

Climb on a bale of straw in a field

Enjoy your private lookout!

Stick a maple seed on your nose

Whose will last longer?

Watch the sunset

The days are getting shorter, but at least we can enjoy the sunset with kids.

Build a bunker out of branches and leaves

In the new home, even an ordinary snack will taste completely different after all that effort! Just build it stronger than the first two pigs from the famous fairy tale!

Pick up some trash on a walk

You only need to throw a few pieces of trash in the bin, and the surroundings immediately look better.

And so that you can get started right away, we have prepared a free printable list to add your own ideas!

And what about your ideas? Did you miss any that you can’t do without in autumn? We will be very happy if you share them with us!

Autumn activity list for childre

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