Behind the scenes: How a fairy tale is made

Behind the scenes: How a fairy tale is made

Here at Readmio we take very seriously all the feedback we receive from our users. We’re always delighted to hear from you — not only when you tell us what it is about Readmio that makes you happy, but also whether there are any aspects that you don’t like. Your feedback enables us to fix any technical problems quickly, to correct little glitches in the app, and to improve the user-interface. Our priority is to make reading together with Readmio a truly joyful experience for you. Many thanks for helping us to improve the app, and for motivating us to take this project further and further! 

If there’s anything you wish to tell us, just drop us a line at

We would also like to lend an insight into what we are busy doing behind-the-scenes at Readmio to keep your favourite story app running smoothly.

A lot of work goes into producing each and every new story that appears in the Readmio app. Did you know that from the time a new story is written, it usually takes more than a month before it’s ready to go live in the app? For it to appear, that new story has had to pass through the hands of editors, proofreaders, translators, sound engineers, illustrators, technicians and others, each doing their bit to transform the story into a fully rounded Readmio experience. Only then is it fit for you and your children to read and listen to.

The Readmio team works day-in and day-out to create enticing stories for readers of all ages: stories that develop creativity and teach us about interpersonal relationships, or reveal more about the world and its wonders. This is important to us, which is why we place greater emphasis on quality rather than quantity. 

That said, even the best of us occasionally make mistakes. If you have come across an error or inaccuracy in one of our stories, please do let us know! Write to us at, and we will address it as soon as we can.

The tradition of oral storytelling is as old as humankind, and we want to contribute to its preservation. That’s why — with the exception of the cover illustration — we deliberately avoid visual stimuli in the app stories. Instead we concentrate on the listening experience: letting the storyteller’s voice and the sound-effects create the perfect atmosphere, allowing children to focus on listening and on using their imagination, while their eyes have a rest. What’s more, it is actually extremely important for a child to spend time listening to the voices of their close relatives and friends. A connection of this sort helps them build deeper, more meaningful mutual relationships. Even just reading one story aloud together can generate such a bond! 

Did you know that the human sense of hearing is the first of the senses to develop? At four months’ gestation, a foetus can already recognise its mother’s voice! 

We try to ensure that the Readmio app contains a balanced selection of topics: those that communicate key values, that help children get to know the world better, or that provide guidance when it comes to human relationships. So in the app you will find, for instance, a series of stories that present famous scientists and inventors, stories focused on emotions and how to process them, stories about diversity, about the human body and how it works, as well as adventures like local legends and fairy tales.

Teachers, are you thinking of using Readmio as a teaching aid at your school? Here at Readmio we are very keen to promote fun learning! Just fill in the form on our website to start 1-year free trial or get information about our special discounts for schools. 

Our readers’ most frequently asked questions 

Below you’ll find answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from You – our readers. 

Why do I have to pay for your stories?

Readmio is run by a small team of people for whom creating children’s stories is a joyful vocation. We put lots of time and effort into the making of Readmio, giving it everything we’ve got. We look at it like this: subscribing to Readmio is roughly the equivalent of popping into a café for a cup of coffee once a month. And like magic, those subscriptions enable the team members to be paid fairly for their tremendous work. In this way, the Readmio app can continue providing you with an improved reading experience. You can take pleasure in knowing that your subscription supports local creatives, some of whom could be living just down the road from you. 

I have an interesting idea for a story, can I tell you about it... or write the story for you?
We will always be delighted when you choose to share any tips or suggestions you might have for story topics and themes that you feel are missing from the Readmio app. This will help us devise new content and, who knows, perhaps your idea will be selected! Here’s the email address to use:

Why do you only add two new stories each week? Will that number change? 

By publishing just two new stories each week, we have enough time to invest in lovingly developing each story and ensuring it’s produced with care and precision. For now, this is the frequency that we find most effective to maintaining the quality of the stories that are published.

Our favourite story is not yet in the app. Can you add it?

If there are certain children’s books that you love reading at home, we would love to hear about them at We will consider all your suggestions, as we want the Readmio app to remain attractive and interesting for all our audiences. Please note that due to copyright protection, it isn’t always possible for us to obtain the rights to use some of those stories in our app, sadly. But we will do our best to include the ones that are possible! 

Why doesn’t the app include more pictures?

At Readmio, our emphasis is on listening, on the aural experience of storytelling. The reader’s voice and gestures, along with the voice-activated sound effects, attract the child’s attention and help them better understand the story. With this kind of focus, children naturally tend to remember whole passages of the story without making any special effort. 

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