How the Rabbit and the Fox Tried to Cook

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Richard the rabbit and his friend, Freya the fox, set out to collect strawberries and raspberries. Instead, they find a pile of unknown fruit in the forest. Is it really fruit? Or just a pieces of litter people have left?

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How the Rabbit and the Fox Tried to Cook
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The ringing of an old alarm clock spread throughout the whole house: “Rrrrrrrichard, Rrrrrrrichard, time to wake up!”

The rabbit was still wrapped in his warm duvets. But as soon as the alarm clock reached his long ears, he jumped to his feet and had a proper stretch. He brushed all of his long teeth thoroughly and went to the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast.

However, when he opened the pantry, he found it almost empty. There were only a couple of onions, a few small garlic cloves and barely a handful of potatoes. He’d run out of grass hay yesterday morning, he’d had all of the herbs for lunch, and he’d finished the bread at dinner last night.

“What do I do now?” Richard wondered as his belly rumbled. And then it occurred to him! He grabbed an old wicker basket and ran out of the house.

It was so wonderful outside! The air in the forest smelled fresh and the sun was shining brightly. Richard locked the door of his house and went to Freya the fox's hole. The rabbit knocked on the round wooden entrance. The door swung open and Freya peeked out from behind it.

“Good morning, Richard! Where are you going with that basket?” she asked curiously.

“I’ve almost run out of food, so I decided to pick some blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Do you want to come with me?”

“Oh, I’d love to have some, too!” The fox slid back into her hole and after a moment of some rattling she came out. She was holding a wicker basket with her paw, similar to the one Richard had. “Let’s go!” she said and the friends set out.

They wandered in the woods, sniffed everywhere and collected everything they came across.…

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