Good Night, Forest Animals

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This bedtime story for the little ones will take children through the evening forest. As it gets darker, the animals from this forest gradually fall asleep for the night. In this way, children will also learn that in the evening it is time to sleep and rest.

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Good Night, Forest Animals
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Far and deep in the mountains, there is a small stream that springs under a tall hill. However, it's not any ordinary stream springing from under the stone. It has magical powers. Every night it puts all of the animals to sleep, bringing them sweet dreams with its gurgles.

Tonight, it's also inviting us to help it put the forest animals to bed. So let's all close our eyes tight, get together on a freshly-fallen oak leaf and coast on it, right on the stream.

Let’s float and glow for a while on this silent stream. Our body starts relaxing. Let's put our arms and legs to rest, because right now, our gentle stream is taking us away. Our whole body is relaxed and we're calm.

Our breathing is getting slower. We breathe in, we breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. And one more time – breathe in, breathe out. Slowly again.

The oak leaf is sailing on a gentle stream and we're setting out on an interesting journey through the forest riding it. We can still see the last of the sun's rays, but only a quiet and peaceful night can follow behind us.

We're approaching a flat stone where a small frog sits. The frog is also exhausted after a long day full of froggy adventures. It could really use a nap, too. It's just waiting for us to wave good night and wish it sweet dreams. Dark night with millions of glittering stars is replacing the sunny day now. The frog yawns one last time and closes its eyes sleepily.

Even the little fox pups, who were having fun in the water all day, at once are alert, having noticed us. They know very well that we're bringing night with us. It’s time to go to bed. Mother fox doesn’t even have to call them to the den.

As we sail past them, the curious little foxes sit in front of their den by the shore, watching us intently. Are they trying to be assured a quiet and peaceful night is really beginning? Well, it really is. Their day will end as soon as we float past the bushy tree where the foxes live.

It's almost as if they were even smiling at us. Let’s wish them sweet dreams, too. The fox's den is covered by a dark veil, and the little foxes lay down happily with their mother in a warm bed. They all fall asleep peacefully.

As we travel through a clearing, the last rays of light break through the trees as it fades. Birds stop singing and the stream calms down. We're also bringing peace and quiet here. All of the plants curl in, so that they, too, can rest peacefully. As usual, the night crickets will play something special for us, saying good night.

We're floating further. Nearly everyone and thing behind us is already asleep. But we still have to put the white-tailed fawn, or little deer, to sleep. It was playing alone in the deep forest all day. It's knackered, but glad that it’s time to go to sleep next to its parents.

Here, too, the dark veil is drawn. The deer family is together and everyone can go to bed with snuggles. The exhausted deer lay on the soft grass and are looking forward to us floating by, under the stars glowing and glimmering above. We can wish this sweet family a good night, too. Good night, dear deer.

It seems that putting two little bears to bed will be our most difficult task tonight. They'd play until dawn if they could! But we're slowly sailing out of the forest. It's completely dark everywhere. Here and there small stars twinkle in the sky.

The little bears know it’s time to have some rest for tomorrow, like it or not. The two clumsy siblings have finally stopped chasing each other. They're in the rocky shelter from where Mother Bear is impatiently waiting for them, her paw tapping. They are exhausted. Their eyes slowly close as they both wiggle in their beds. Good night, bear cubs.

And now it’s time for us to rest after our long day. Let’s let the leaf float past us, so the gentle night veil covers us, too. Just like the forest animals, we're in our soft beds. We're also tired after a long day, and now is the right time to have a proper rest.

The twinkling stars, the chirping crickets, the night birds and all of the forest animals wish you the sweetest of dreams.

And a good night.

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