Good Night, Forest Animals

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The young listener is invited to glide through the forest at dusk on top of a babbling brook and bid good night to the different animals. As it gradually grows dark, we visit each creature and help them prepare for sleep, waving and wishing them sweet dreams… Until, finally, it’s time for the listener to close their eyes and enter dreamland.

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Good Night, Forest Animals
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Deep in the mountains, there’s a small stream that springs from a high hill. However, it’s not any ordinary stream — it has magical powers. Every night it gurgles rhythmically and encourages all the forest creatures to enter dreamland.

Tonight, it invites us to help it do this. So let’s close our eyes really tight and imagine we are teeny-tiny. We’re huddled together on a freshly-fallen oak leaf, and are coasting along the surface of the stream.

As we float in the glow of the moon we let our whole self relax. We can rest our arms and legs and allow the gentle stream to carry us away. Our body is at ease and we’re feeling calm.

Our breathing is getting slower. We breathe in, we breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Again, slowly.

The oak leaf is drifting on this silent stream, taking us on an enchanting journey through the woods. We can still glimpse the last of the sun’s rays, while a quiet and peaceful night follows close behind.

We’re now approaching a flat stone where a small frog sits. He’s feeling tired after a long day full of froggy adventures. Before falling asleep, he waits for us to wave good night and wish him sweet dreams. The dark sky with its millions of glittering stars has since replaced the sunny day. The frog yawns one last time and closes his eyes sleepily.

Even the fox pups, who were having such fun playing in the water, stop what they’re doing when they notice us. They know very well that we’re bringing the nighttime to them. It’s time for bed, little foxes. Mother Fox doesn’t even have to call them into the den because they’re already beginning to make their way there.

As we sail past them, the curious fox pups are on the shore in front of the bushes where they live, watching us intently. They’re only waiting to be assured of a quiet and peaceful night. As soon as we float past, they will go inside and tuck themselves in.

I’m pretty sure they’re smiling at us. Let’s wish them sweet dreams. We wave as the young foxes stroll into their den and happily lie down with their mother in a nice warm bed, where they are sure to fall asleep peacefully.

As we travel through a clearing, the last faint rays of daylight completely fade away. The birds stop singing and the stream slows down. We’re bringing peace and quiet with us. The leaves of the plants curl inwards, so that they too can rest. As usual, the crickets are starting to sing their special song, saying good night to us.

We float further… Nearly everyone and everything behind us is already asleep. But we still have to bid goodnight to the white-tailed fawn. She had been playing alone in the forest all day and is very glad to realise that it’s finally time to shut her eyes.

The fawn has joined her deer family and everyone is snuggled up in bed. They’re lying on the soft grass, looking forward to seeing us float past under the glimmering stars. We wish this lovely family a wonderful sleep. Good night, dear deer.

We slowly drift out of the forest to where the bear cubs like to play. It’s totally dark everywhere now. Here, there and everywhere, small stars twinkle brightly in the night sky.

Encouraging these two little bears to go to bed is tricky. They love playing and would continue until dawn if they could! But they know it’s time to rest-up for tomorrow, even if they don’t like the idea.

The two clumsy siblings finally stop chasing each other and make their way into the rocky shelter where Mother Bear has been waiting, tapping her paw against the ground. The youngsters are exhausted, even if they won’t admit it. As they wriggle in their beds, their eyelids slowly close. Good night, darling bear cubs.

And now it’s time for us to rest after our busy day. Let’s step off the leaf and permit it to float past us, so the gentle night can lull us to sleep too. Just like the forest animals, we’re tucked into our cosy beds and ready to have the sweetest of dreams.

The glittering stars, the chirping crickets, the owls, and all the other creatures wish YOU a very good night.

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