Short bedtime stories

Short bedtime stories

Sometimes children feel tired at the end of the day, but they still don’t want to miss-out on a bedtime story. And why should they? Try reading them one of our short stories — it takes five minutes instead of fifteen. Even if there’s more than one child at home and each of them wants to choose their very own story, it’s easily possible when none of the stories is very long. Here we list a nice selection of short stories that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face as they drift off to dreamland.

About a Ladybird

This three-minute-long delightful story is an ideal candidate for a short bedtime read. Moreover, the calm setting will prepare your children for a pleasant rest.

The goat and the hedgehog

A famous story for children from Pavol Dobšinský’s collection. It is about a goat that scares away many, even strong and fearless animals, but in the end, a small brave one finds a way to deal with her. Read this short bedtime story The goat and the hedgehog in Readmio.

Why Polar Bears Have Short Tails

This legend tells that long ago, polar bears had long and fluffy tails. A bear was hungry and had nothing to eat until his friend the fox told him how to fish in the cold. But he never managed to catch one fish - and even ended up without a tail. Read to your kids this short story about polar bears!

Of Eagles and Bugs

Even Aesop’s fables contain some short bedtime stories! Read aloud the story Of Eagles and Bugs, showing how our wits can help us defeat much stronger opponents and overcome difficult obstacles.

A Night Under the Stars

In the evening, watching the twinkling stars right from your sleeping bag or gazing into the flames of a real campfire can be a truly beautiful and enjoyable experience. Using those restful images can help your child fall asleep.

The Cocky Inflatable Crocodile

Our last short bedtime story on the list is one about a green crocodile who isn’t just a blow-up toy, but also a puffed-up one, who spits poison with every word he says – so much so that all the other inflatable toys by the lake are afraid of him. 

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