The Cocky Inflatable Crocodile

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A tale about a green crocodile who isn’t just a blow-up toy, but also a puffed-up one, who spits poison with every word he says – so much so that all the other inflatable toys by the lake are afraid of him. But even a big scary crocodile can burst into tears at the sight of something as simple as a little pointed nail.

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The Cocky Inflatable Crocodile
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On the beach by the lake, there were many kids and parents, towels, inflatable toys and sunscreens. It was in the middle of a hot summer, the sun was shining and everyone wanted to be by the water.

One of the inflatable toys was so bright and shiny, everyone noticed it from afar – a big, bright green crocodile. He was the biggest of all of the toys, which made him even more big-headed. On the towel next to him lay an inflatable swan.

Out of the blue, the crocodile started spitting threats: “If I sank my fangs into your thin swan neck, you’d drop dead in an instant!”

The swan was terrified. Luckily, her owner Tammy soon took her for a swim. The two of them swam as far away from the crocodile as possible.

The puffed-up crocodile turned to an inflatable ball on his other side.

He looked at the ball and smiled nastily: “Look how small you are! I’m so much bigger and I have such big teeth! Look how scary I am!” The ball was indeed frightened by the smile. He was so relieved when his owner Sammy came to grab him a moment later to go and play with his friends.

When they finally took the crocodile for a swim as well, he bared his teeth at an inflatable doughnut with pink icing and snapped at it: “You… you inflatable cake! Get out of my way or I’ll bite off a piece of you!”

The pink doughnut was scared. Luckily, Lucy’s mother pulled it out of the water with little Lucy inside it shortly afterwards. She put them both in the safety of her boat.

The crocodile was enjoying his victory. He swam to the shore where he was tossed on the grass. But there…

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