The Goat and the Hedgehog

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A famous story for children from Pavol Dobšinský’s collection.

It is about a goat that scares away many, even strong and fearless animals, but in the end a small brave one finds a way to deal with her.

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The Goat and the Hedgehog
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Once upon a time there was a very angry horned goat. Her fur was rough and spotty. One day she was running around the woods and she found a fox den and went inside. She liked the den, and decided to make it her own. After a while, she heard noises outside. It was the sound of the fox returning home! The little red fox was very tired and wanted to take a nap. But as she was about to enter her den she suddenly saw a strange, angry-looking creature inside.

As soon as the goat saw the fox she jumped up. She stamped her hooves, and bleated, “Don’t come any closer! If you come in I’ll butt you with my horns and stamp on you and then you’ll be dead!”

The fox, very afraid, took to her heels and ran away. She ran through the forest, sobbing and crying over what had happened, until she got to her friend the wolf’s den.

“Why are you crying, my dear fox?” asked the wolf.

“Oh, brother! I’ve just found the scariest creature in my den. She said she would kill me if I came in!” answered the fox.

“Don’t worry, I’ll chase it off,” the wolf said, bravely. “Come on, there’s no need to cry. Let’s go see what it is.”

When they got back to the den, the wolf shouted: “Who are you, creature, and what are you doing in the fox’s den?”

But the goat just stamped her hooves again and bleated, “It’s mine now! Don’t come any closer! I’ll butt you with my horns and stamp on you and then you’ll be dead!”

The wolf was too scared to go closer and he and the fox ran back to the woods. The fox started crying…

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