The joy of dinosaur stories at bedtime or anytime

The joy of dinosaur stories at bedtime or anytime

Dinosaurs fascinate children all over the world. For many kids, this creature inspires their first foray into the world of science and adventure. Here we look at why dinosaurs can be so intriguing to children.

The curiosity about dinosaurs often starts at around three to six years of age. It basically begins once a child is able to identify pictures of dinosaurs and ask questions about these strange creatures. Parents and/or teachers can encourage their inquisitiveness by offering information about dinosaurs in books, on television, or on the internet.

Dinosaurs are massive, mysterious creatures that lived millions of years ago. Their size and diversity presents a world of wonder to a small child. And of course, kids naturally love to discover new things. Dinosaurs offer a glimpse into the past, into a world that no longer exists. The added opportunity to learn about ancient plants, animals, and geography is exciting for everyone. The fact that dinosaurs can no longer be observed in everyday life creates space for the child to exercise their imagination. 

A child’s fascination with dinosaurs soon connects them to the sciences. They can then learn about palaeontology, geology, the evolution of life on Earth, history... And this educational aspect can in turn lead to a long-term exploration into any of these fields. Dinosaurs also serve as inspiration for a variety of family activities — visiting museum exhibits, searching for fossils, and also reading, whether it be encyclopaedias or themed stories, or both.

So, join your child in becoming immersed in the wonderful world of dinosaurs! Tales about these prehistoric creatures are entertaining for one and all, while providing a great learning experience. See how your child’s imaginative abilities develop, along with their knowledge of history and scientific facts. 

We hereby offer you some dinosaur stories guaranteed to entertain not only your child, but also your grown-up self. Do dip in!

The Smallest Creature

Grandma Ida discovers a strange-looking egg on the farm. What hatches from it, and how will the inhabitants of the farmyard react? (The creature turns out to be a dinosaur, but shhh, it’s a surprise)! 

Dino Maximiliano - Part 1

The first story in this fictional series about dinosaurs introduces a new hero — Dino Max, of the genus Bicyclosaurus! His fantasy is to one day have a bicycle. Luckily for him, his best friend Micah is a clever, creative boy willing to design it. 

Dino Maximiliano - Part 2

In the second part of the series about Max the Bicyclosaurus, the dream of having a bicycle starts to look like a real possibility. But young Max discovers that there’s a lot involved in making a bike. And he also finds out that cycling really isn’t that easy! 

Dino Maximiliano - Part 3

In the very last part of the series, Dino Max’s very own orange bicycle is about to become a reality. He can hardly believe it when his lifelong dream comes true. And it is only then that Max comes to realise the full joy of riding a bicycle.

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