The Smallest Creature

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One day, Granny Ida finds a peculiar egg on her farm. Soon a creature hatches. At first, the farm animals aren’t at all impressed and start mocking the little guy. Until Granny Ida steps in and puts an end to it.

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The Smallest Creature
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Surely the egg hadn’t turned-up here by accident? Granny Ida found it one evening, behind the fence at the farm. It was small and greyish in colour.

It must have fallen out of a bird’s nest, she thought to herself. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t find a nest anywhere. Finally she decided to take the egg home and look after it. She wrapped it gently in one of her woollen jumpers, and went to bed.

When she woke up in the morning, the egg had hatched and a little bird-like creature was scuttling around the room. It was black, and its claws were sticking out from under its black-and-white wings. On its head was a red crest, like a mohawk hairstyle. It was swinging its long, beaver-like tail, and its beak was lined with teeth!

When Ida saw those teeth, she became a little scared. Birds certainly don’t have teeth. Maybe it was a demon? Then she noticed how frightened the poor thing was. It was desperately running about and peeping in fear. She instantly stopped worrying and lifted the little creature up in her hands. She understood the language of animals, as she herself was something between a ‘fairy’ and a ‘witch’.

“Hello, you curious little thing. What are you? A bird, or something else?”

“I don’t know,” the creature answered meekly.

“No worries. I’ll call you Vincent.” And now they were acquainted.

Ida showed Vincent around the farm. When he was no longer frightened, she let him wander in the garden on his own.

The sun was shining, the grass smelled nice, and Vincent was feeling good. He felt truly at home. But then he ran into a goat called Emily. She was so frightened by…

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