The 7 biggest challenges you will face in the first year of motherhood

The 7 biggest challenges you will face in the first year of motherhood

Motherhood is a difficult task and the fact is that there is nothing that can prepare you 100%. The most demanding year is the first year of a child, because after an exhausting pregnancy, everything has a very dynamic gradient, everything changes quickly and you can feel the lack of stability. 

Every day during this period brings a new challenge, and we have decided to describe the 7 biggest ones for you. 

#1 You may lose your friends

The Your Tango portal also points out that you may face the loss of your former friends during this period. It is natural that you currently only want to talk about your new child, but this may not suit people who do not have a child and live with something else. It's okay if your paths are temporarily divided and you find new friends with the same interests.

#2 Fear of losing one’s own identity

Another thing a lot of new moms can face is the possible loss of identity. It is necessary to admit that this is the most dedicated period of your life: you already have your child in the first place and they are completely dependent on you 24 hours a day. You may therefore encounter the fact that you miss the old version of you, who had more freedom. But even these feelings are only temporary. 

#3 Changes in relationships

The birth of a child is not only a challenge for mothers, but also for their partners. Although this is your child, suddenly another person lives with you, who requires constant attention. And although it is not talked about much, it is a period when many relationships can become a little twitchy. To make it easier for your partner to cope with this new situation, you need to let them know that nothing has changed in your love for them. 

#4 Constant fatigue

It should not be forgotten that maternity leave is by no means a vacation. Being a mother is a lifelong commitment that is valid 24/7. When the baby grows up, the parents will have more time for themselves again, but the first months or years are very demanding and exhausting, especially for mothers. Under the influence of a huge number of new responsibilities, it often happens that the mother feels chronic fatigue, which she may not be able to get rid of easily. In this case, it is no shame to ask for help: whether a partner, the grandparents of the child or even a babysitter. Your physical and mental health is a priority. 

#5 Constantly changing plans

Planning something while there is no child in your life is not such a problem. But doing so during the first year of motherhood is literally a miracle. There will always be some "surprises" waiting for you, which will not always be pleasant: things such as your child's unexpected illness and the like. This can be exhausting, especially for mothers who have been used to managing their time on their own. Again, this is only a temporary situation that will disappear after the first few months. 

#6 Lack of sleep

Some parents are lucky enough to have their baby sleep undisturbed at night, but this is not the rule and you may have to get up every 45-60 minutes during the first year. If this condition persists for a really long time, it causes sleep deprivation, which in turn leads to irritability, long-term bad mood or even anxiety. Of course, in such cases, the help of a partner is a huge advantage. If you don't have that option, you have no choice but to stock up on coffee.

#7 Ongoing sadness

If all the above-mentioned obstacles are combined, it is no wonder that unpleasant feelings, bordering on anxiety or even depression, can occur. In this case, it depends on what kind of social network you have built around you. If you feel that the support of your partner, parents or friends is not enough, it is certainly not a shame to seek professional help. On the contrary, it is a proof of your strength, because you have found the determination to fight the given feelings. In some cases, however, it is really enough to ask for the help of your loved ones, who will take the burden off you at least for a while while you regain strength.

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