How to create your own audiobook fairytale

How to create your own audiobook fairytale

Listening to recorded fairy tales is an extremely beneficial pastime for children's development, similar to reading. It helps children relax, expands their vocabulary, and contributes to their imagination.  In addition, it encourages children to actively listen and practice paying attention. Listening can also raise their interest in reading the books themselves. And last but not least, it's a form of quality time spent with loved ones.

There are a number of sources where you can find ready-made audio stories. But how about making your own recording that combines your voice and sound effects? This will let your children fall asleep listening to your own voice.

Undoubtedly, your own audio fairy tale has many benefits:

  • From an early age, children get to know their parent’s voice and feel secure listening to it
  • Children can listen to the audio tale you recorded even when you are not at home and cannot read to them directly
  • Sometimes having your own recording is useful when you are tired or can't bring yourself to read, and it gives an opportunity for your vocal cords to relax
  • Having your own audio recording allows the family to be connected to each other, even remotely - the fairy tale can be recorded for children by grandparents or other relatives

How to do it:

1. Download Readmio

Download the Readmio app (from Google Play or the App Store) to your mobile phone. Readmio contains a large number of fairy tales, and each of them can also be converted into an audio recording.

2. Choose a fairytale

Select the fairy tale you want to record and open it after downloading to the library. If you want the recording to be even better in quality, try to rehearse reading the story aloud before hitting the record button. You will hear when the sound effects will play, and then nothing will surprise you when recording.

3. Start recording

Turn on recording and read the story aloud. It is ideal to be in a quiet environment and, if possible, warn your family members not to disturb you. Or, on the contrary, make use of them to help you create both a common work, and unforgettable memories all in one :)

4. Done

When you finish reading, stop the recording. If you are satisfied with the result, save the recording to the library. 

5. Enjoy the result 

You can find the saved fairy tale in the Readmio library section. Audio recordings are marked with the "REC" symbol. Choose the "play" option and enjoy your first custom audio recording. You can send your work to another device, your car, or your family and friends. Or send it to Readmio - we'd love to hear how your recording worked out.

OPTIONAL - in case you own a Toniebox

6. Send your newly created audiobook to your Creative Tonie!

We’ve teamed up with Tonies to bring you a new way to play your Readmio recordings. If you don’t know, Toniebox is a screen-free, portable audio speaker system for children from 3-7yrs old that plays songs and music with hand painted characters, known as Tonies. You can play pre-recorded stories like Lion King, Paddington Bear, or Peter Rabbit. 

Let’s do it:

- tap on share icon
- select Mytonies app
- assign the recording to your Creative-Tonie.

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