Bedtime stories for girls

Bedtime stories for girls

What do your daughters or granddaughters like to read about? Stories about princesses, unicorns, fairies or about clever women who changed the world? Find the right fairy tales that will interest your little princess, superhero or future scientist. Try reading them our girls' fairy tales, which include heroines from the real world and from the world of fantasy. At Readmio, we believe that all of us – boys and girls alike – can change the world for the better.

Ada, the Queen of Numbers

Everyone has a talent. You just have to discover it. Maths is the least favourite subject of many children, but young Ada loves the subject, filled as it is with logical thought and all of those numbers. She became the first to prove that machines can think too…This bedtime story for girls may sparkle interest in numbers and calculations in your home, too...

Lara, the One Who Wasn’t Afraid

Lara is a special girl who would always say she’s a secret agent. But some of the other children constantly tease her or run away. However, when an earwig appears on a cherry tree, brave Lara is the only one who isn't afraid of it. She shows the other children that there is no need to be afraid of things, just because they're different. You can find the bedtime story about Lara in our Readmio app.

Not Just Another Pretty Hollywood Face

Film actress Hedy Lamarr was known for her beautiful face in the 1930s and 1940s. But she had much more to offer than just her good looks – she was a gifted inventor. In our story, Not Just Another Pretty Hollywood Face you will hear about her discovery of something we all use today!

The Little Mermaid

We bring you one of Andersen's most famous and beautiful bedtime stories for girls, The Little Mermaid.A touching story about the love of a little mermaid who falls in love with a prince. Because of love, the mermaid becomes human and sacrifices her voice and her own life.

The Real Princess

Being a princess doesn’t mean just wearing beautiful dresses, sporting a crown, and constantly dancing. Our story is about a schoolgirl named Connie who doesn’t like school at all, she’d rather be a princess. But one day she experiences something unusual at school. Do you want to know what? You will find out in the bedtime story The Real Princess.

The Princess Named Sunny

Do you know how the freckles that adorn the faces of many of us came into being? You'll find out the reason in this story about Sunny. You'll read about how her freckled face was a reminder of a magical fruit, and how her parents were able to find her when she disappeared.

Justine the Octopus

It would be to have more hands, wouldn’t it? However, Justine the octopus doesn't think so at all. She has precisely eight tentacles, but she is always so clumsy with them. She doesn't even know how to fit into the groups of other underwater friends. But then she suddenly finds out that she's really good at something else. What is it? You'll find out in this bedtime story for girls from the sea world.

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