Create magical moments with interactive stories!

You will read that the wolf blew into the straw house and Readmio will automatically play the blowing sound.

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4.8/5 · 4,5k ratings

Readmio app for iOS and Android

„I fell in love with reading the bedtime stories thanks to Readmio. Leo asks me to read to him every night!”

Mother of Leo (4 y/o)
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How Readmio works

Pick a story

Let your kid pick a story by looking at the illustrations or choose a story based on a specific purpose.

Download and open it

The story description includes topics to discuss after reading. Downloaded stories work even without the internet.

Start reading aloud

The app will follow along as you read and automatically add sounds and music.

Fairytales characters

Every story is an opportunity to grow

A story a day read to every child in the world. That is our dream. We believe reading to kids has huge benefits for their emotional and mental development. Those few minutes of undivided attention every day can make a difference.

Readmio stories are short and have a clear purpose in mind with a specific parenting topic to discuss after reading. Your voice and sounds keep kids engaged, but also contribute to aural intelligence and imagination.

Our stories may not change the world, but the children that we read them to might.

Our principles

Purposeful storytelling

We treat every story as an interface to a specific learning. Some may teach us about science, others bring important moral lessons or relaxation techniques. Every story has a purpose.

Made with experts

To uncover the hidden potential of storytelling, we work with child psychologists, educators and other specialists in the field of child development.

We value privacy

Family time should always remain private. Our voice recognition happens on the device and we don't store or collect any personal data.

Our happy parents

Excellent stories and illustrations. The sound effects are real and dramatic and kids love them.


Play Store review

What a great app for little minds, my 3 love the added sounds and it really helps them stay interested in the book 100% recommend.

Heidii 🇬🇧

AppStore review

Such a cool experience!! My 3 year old loves it and we read together every day now.


Play Store review

I love this app and its really good quality 🤩😍🎖


Play Store review

Brilliant app! Perfect for lockdown that we are in! Stories are brilliant, even better that you can record your voice!


AppStore review

Really exciting app! This is such a cool idea! We will be creating many special family moments.


Play Store review

Frequently asked questions

Why are there no illustrations inside stories?

We deliberately chose to focus on the sense of hearing. Our world has become overly visual. Children today are exposed to too much visual stimuli, often quite aggressive. That leaves little space for imagination and awareness. We wanted you to be the center of the child's attention. Your voice acting and facial expressions are what shall open the imagination in your little one's mind.

Is it free? How much does it cost?

Readmio comes with a set of a few free stories we call an Explorer set. It’s a hand-picked list of tales from various categories. You can try out all the features, like audio recordings or printing using these stories. You can also browse all of the categories and read story descriptions that include plot and parenting topics. If you like the experience, you can subscribe to unlock the full library of over 300 stories. We add more stories every week.

Aren’t paper books better?

We promote reading to children in any form. We love beautiful picture books and the smell of paper. Readmio is not a replacement for books, it’s an addition. We focus on the sense of hearing. Voice acting and sound effects create a different experience leading hopefully to even more stories being read to our kids. We encourage you to read our stories facing the child. Your facial expressions can help the child better understand the embedded emotions.

What is the best age to start reading to my kids?

As soon as possible. For toddlers, rhymes are a great way to start. The rhythm keeps it interesting for the ears. Frequent reading is crucial for training sound recognition. At around 2-3 years, when their passive vocabulary becomes large enough, it’s good to start with longer stories (around 5 minutes). Keep in mind we are not machines, every child is different. Some start to enjoy storytelling sooner than others. Just keep it with the flow.

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Available for iOS, Android and Web


4.8/5 · 4,5k ratings