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A jealous witch wanted to have the beautiful Rapunzel all to herself, so she locked her up in a tower with no door. The only way up there was on Rapunzel’s long, golden plait. A prince, however, decided to thwart the witch’s plans and set Rapunzel free.

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Long ago in a humble home with a small yard, there once lived a man and a woman. At the end of the yard, there was a tall wall and behind it, with a vast, mysterious garden. The couple had no idea who it belonged to. Even though they often peeked over the wall, they never saw a living soul there.

One day the wife told the husband: “I’ve peeked through a crack in the wall and I saw some delicious lettuce. It’s the only thing I want to eat!” And with that said, she ate nothing more and grew pale and weak with hunger. Her husband had no choice.

Under the cover of darkness, he crept across the garden, quiet as a mouse, heading straight for a nice leaf of lettuce. He was just reaching his hand out, when suddenly, somebody grabbed him! The man, petrified, turned his head. There, right in front of him, was a witch dressed in black robes.

“Who is stealing from my garden?!” she spoke with a rasping voice.

He tried to explain himself. “My wife, she’s withering away in front of me… Only this lettuce can help her get her strength back.”

“Very well,” said the witch, “take as much as you like. But I want something in return. I’ll give you my lettuce and you’ll give me your child.”

The man wasn’t alarmed by the strange request – after all, he didn’t have any children to give. He carelessly accepted and then hurried back home to get as far away from the woman as possible.

As soon as he got back, he gave his wife the freshly picked lettuce. It made her feel much better indeed. But the man soon learnt some dreadful news. His wife was with child.…

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