While Drifting-off to Sleep

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As you read this bedtime story, you and your children can imagine listening to the sounds that echo through the nightscape. Even though the night is meant for relaxing and getting some rest, it does not mean that everyone is asleep...

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While Drifting-off to Sleep
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Outside, there is a velvety darkness. It’s as if a warm fuzzy blanket has enveloped the whole house. The weary plants on the balcony have bowed their heads. Even the birds that had been chirping cheerfully all day long have gone quiet. It’s time for bed.

If I cosy-up under the bed sheets and close my eyelids, my eyes can also rest. Do you want to join me? After all, there’s not much to see in the dark anyway. But maybe it would be a good idea to open the window a bit first. By listening carefully we’ll be able to hear the soft night-time melodies floating-in through the fresh breeze. Those soothing sounds can lull us to sleep.

Remember how busy the day was? The night is so peaceful, even though it’s far from silent…

One by one, the bats nesting in the hollow of the tree begin flying out into the darkness. The night sky greets them and they squeal merrily in response. A night full of meandering awaits them. Have a nice flight, dear bats! The entire bat family has already flown from the tree and disappeared into the distance.

Somewhere in the tall grass, the hedgehog is huffing. Now that it’s dark, it has mustered up the courage to walk through the garden. Be careful not to trip on something, dear hedgehog! The small spiny creature slowly makes its way across the lawn and crawls into its nest, ignoring the crickets nestled in the grass. The crickets are very busy performing their daily concert. They interrupt each other with lots of cheerful chirping, thoroughly enjoying the warm evening air. It’s calming to listen to their distinctive song. Somewhere in the distance an owl hoots. The deep, continuous sound…

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