Camping Next to the Pond

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This story is a kind of lullaby… You are transported into a tent by the river, where, together with the boy who’s camping, you listen to the natural nighttime sounds all around you — it’s almost as if you are actually the camper, experiencing these sensations yourself. What a lovely way to fall asleep!

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Camping Next to the Pond
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It’s getting dark now. The last of the sun’s rays rest delicately on the grass in front of the tent, inviting the night to take over. While wrapping yourself in your sleeping bag and zipping it right up to your chin, you begin replaying in your mind everything that has happened today. It was an amazing day!

You’re remembering you and your parents getting off the train and getting on your bicycles. The wind ruffled your hair and turned your cheeks rosy red. You rode on the bike paths and the forest paths, until eventually you stopped at this very pond and your dad unpacked the folded tent. Which seemed quite small at first — you actually found it hard to believe that you would all be able to fit into it. But after he pitched the tent, it looked like a castle!

You can hear some quacking sounds in the distance. It’s probably the ducks on the pond saying goodnight to each other. The frogs are answering them. As soon as we humans quietened down, the frogs became courageous and began their nightly concert. The crickets have also joined the gig. Apparently, this noise is how the males call out to the females. Then you think back to you and your friends laughing when your teacher told you that crickets listen with their knees because they have ears on their front legs. Fantastic!

But now you’re so tired that you can only smile weakly. You listen to your dad pouring water onto the fire to put it out, and you can see the last sparks flying from the glowing embers into the dark blue sky. He didn’t have to go far to fetch the water — we’re camped so close to…

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