The Magic Sandals

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Helping others selflessly makes us true heroes.

A beautiful story about a kind-hearted messenger who helps the weak even at the cost of losing his job. Although he doesn’t manage to deliver an important message, everything ends up well. As a reward, he is given a pair of magic sandals. Thanks to them, he can both do his job and help others!

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The Magic Sandals
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Long ago, high up in the misty Andes mountains, there was a vast empire, founded by a people who were called the Incas. Their dwellings were so solid that they have lasted all the way up to this day. The Incas were known for building their homes with great care and attention, so no wonder they stand firm, even after many wars and natural disasters.

The Incas were a highly cultured people, famous for their artwork, stone carving, and peculiar games. They lived high up in the mountains so that others could not reach them easily. Their houses were scattered across a very broad area. Back at those days mail didn’t exist, so messengers had to keep settlements connected. They delivered messages on foot from one town to another. These messengers were well-respected in their community because they were fast and reliable. Once they received a message, they ran to pass the scroll to the nearest messenger. They exchanged messages at agreed locations, and in this way they were able to deliver them in a remarkably short time even across very long distances.

One of those messengers was Hualachi. Everyone knew he was brave, wise, and loyal to his master. Hualachi couldn’t stand seeing anyone suffer. If he saw someone in need on his way to deliver a message, he would always stop to help. The other messengers wasted their time waiting for him. This was Hualachi’s weakness, but the king liked him nonetheless, for once the good messenger had helped him as well.

One day, the king called up Hualachi. He entrusted him with an especially important message for one of his generals, who was away fighting enemies at the border. The message contained the latest orders for his soldiers. The king ordered Hualachi not to stop…

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