The Four Dragons

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This tale explains how the four largest Chinese rivers came into being. It was thanks to four kind-hearted dragons who decided to stand up to the cruel ruler of the rain to help people during the great drought.

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The Four Dragons
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Once upon a time, there were no bubbling rivers or crystalline lakes on earth yet, only a lonely sea. It was a home to four dragons: the Long Dragon, the Yellow Dragon, the Black Dragon and the Pearl Dragon.

From time to time, they came up to the surface, splashed around, and soared high in the sky as they played hide-and-seek in the heavy clouds.

One day, while they were playing and chasing each other through the sky, the Pearl Dragon called to the other three: “Come over here! All of you! Quickly! It’s really something to see!”

The Long, Yellow, and Black Dragons rushed to him at once.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” his friends asked with impatience, excitement and a little concern..

The Pearl Dragon pointed to the ground. There was a huge crowd of people! Some of them were howling and wailing, while others were praying on their knees and burning incense that smelled of cinnamon. The wailing and howling and cinnamon scents touched all of the dragons hearts.

Suddenly the dragons heard a woman praying to the gods.

“Please, just send us a few drops of water! Just a drop, that’s all we ask for. A meager little drop. It hasn’t rained for months and months and all our crops are about to wither and die!”

“Oh, those poor people,” said the Yellow Dragon sadly. It shook its head, fighting back tears.

“They’re all going to starve to death unless it rains soon,” said the Black Dragon. It too was very heartbroken for them.

Then the Pearl Dragon had an idea. “Why don’t we go to the God of Rain himself,” he said, “and ask him to send the people some fresh water from the sky!” All of the dragons nodded their heads…

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