The Heart that Wanted to Jump for Joy

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Sincere friendship is important at any age.

An old man, who lives alone, finds that he doesn’t enjoy anything anymore. Even playing his favourite guitar. But in the end, someone fatefully appears in his life who cheers his heart up again. Although he resists at the beginning, we learn that no one truly wants to be alone.

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The Heart that Wanted to Jump for Joy
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Once upon a time, an old man lived in a tiny flat on the top floor of an apartment block in the suburbs. His wife had already breathed her last and left him all alone. His children and grandchildren would often visit him, but he was still growing sadder and sadder every day.

He used to be a happy fellow who liked to play his guitar for his grandchildren and take them out for walks with his wife. But now his grandchildren were all grown up and his wife had passed away. He felt there was no one left anymore to play music for. So, he would just quietly sit by the window and watch the outside world pass him by without any interest whatsoever.

Along with him, his heart kept on softly thumping in his chest. It beat the rhythm of his life, and kept itself busy recalling the good old days. Oh, where are all those happy moments we used to spend out in the open or singing a lovely song?, his heart sighed sadly.

His heart would really have loved to jump with joy, but there was no real reason for it anymore. Sometimes it tried, but the mood always quickly passed. ‘I can’t go on like this, for heaven’s sake,’ thought the heart, but even though it felt very miserable, it kept silently beating with the rhythm of Grandpa’s life.

One day, when his children and grandchildren paid him a surprise visit, his heart again felt like jumping a little.

“Hello, Grandpa,” said the grandchildren.

“Hi, dad,” said the children.

And then, all of a sudden, another, more wonderful feeling crept up on the heart.

“Good afternoon,” said the voice of a complete stranger.

Who is that? wondered the heart.


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