The Hare’s Liver

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Never trust anyone whose intentions you don’t know. This Korean folk tale is about a hare whose life is saved thanks to its wits and imagination.

This story was written for you by Dominique Sakmar.

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The Hare’s Liver
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Way back in the olden days, in the underwater kingdom in the South Sea, the mighty Dragon King suddenly fell ill. Healers from all across the ocean tried their best to cure him, but all of them failed. Once they had tried every single underwater remedy there was, and none had worked, all the healers finally agreed:

“Your Dragon Majesty, the only thing that could possibly cure you is a hare’s liver.”

To find a hare’s liver in the middle of the sea? Impossible! No one in the kingdom had ever even seen a hare. The Dragon King called for his advisors. He asked which one of them would be willing to go ashore and bring him a hare’s liver. But all the advisors fell silent. The whales, the octopi, the sea flowers, even the lobsters and the seahorses, they were all quiet. All the creatures trembled with fear just thinking of the idea that they’d have to step on dry land. Finally, a single fin rose up – it belonged to a little turtle.

“I can swim in the sea and walk on the land, Your Majesty. I will go and get you the liver.”

And so the brave turtle set out on the long journey. She swam day and night, until she finally reached the shore. She scrambled out of the water and travelled across sandy beaches, towering mountains and deep forests, until she finally stumbled upon a small white animal merrily hopping about in the grass.

“Dear sir,” said the turtle to the tiny creature. “Is there any chance you might be a hare?”

“There sure is,” replied the hare. “Why do you ask?”

“His Majesty the Dragon King, Ruler of the South Sea, has sent me. I ought to find an animal…

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