The Donkey, the Table and the Stick

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This English fairy tale is about a boy named Jack who sets out to roam the world. He gets many magical gifts for his hard work, but the greedy innkeeper always robs him of everything. Will Jack manage to punish the greedy man in the end?

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The Donkey, the Table and the Stick
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Once upon a time there was a young boy named Jack. His father was a really mean man, so one day he decided to run away from home. After his father left for work, Jack packed up his things and left, slamming the door behind him.

He ran as fast as his little legs would carry him until he suddenly came across an old woman gathering kindling sticks on the side of the road. Jack didn’t notice her in his haste, and he bumped right into her basket full of pine stick firewood, knocking it over and sending the wood flying in all directions.

Jack was very sorry for having knocked the woven basket over, but the old woman wasn’t angry. She was a very kind-hearted and good-natured person. Together they picked up all the scattered wood and pine-cones and put them back into the basket.

After they had collected everything, the woman asked Jack if he’d like to come work for her. She didn’t have enough energy to take care of everything around the house anymore and she’d really appreciate some help. She told him she’d pay him what she could, and in addition also feed him and give him a place to stay. Jack was exhausted after his long journey, and his empty stomach was rumbling and grumbling, so he accepted the old woman’s invitation.

Time flew by and surprisingly soon a whole year had passed! Jack and the old woman had become great friends, and one day she called him to her. As a reward for his hard work, she gave him a fat, grey donkey. This was no ordinary donkey, however!

When Jack tugged at the animal’s ears, the donkey brayed and gold coins started pouring out of its mouth! Jack was overwhelmed with…

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