Mio in Music Class

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Read more about the experiences of this cute little elephant called Mio! Today during the music lesson, Mio learns the sounds made by different musical instruments, along with the children. Do you know the sounds of the different instruments too?

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Mio in Music Class
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The first time Mio the elephant entered the children’s school, it was because he was curious – I’ll just have a quick look around and then I’ll go, he thought. But the lessons were so much fun that he kept going back, day after day. Mio loved the children and the teachers, and they loved him too.

On very hot days, Mio would flap his big grey ears like fans, in order to keep the children cool. When it rained, he would carry the children to the canteen on his back so they would get there more quickly. And because he loved the sound of the school bell, he always joined in, enthusiastically raising his trunk in the air and making a joyful trumpet sound.

One day, Mrs Thompson had the idea that the class should prepare a little surprise for Mio. The following Monday, she brought a special playlist to class, smiling as she entered the room.

“On Monday mornings we will start with music,” she announced. “And since we have a lot to get through today, let’s start straightaway. I’ve made a fun quiz for you – can you tell me which musical instruments are playing in the tunes I’m about to play for you?” And she pressed a button on the bluetooth speaker.

“That’s a piano!” shouted Peter, leaping up from his chair.

“That’s correct, it’s a piano. You know the sound well because we have a piano in the classroom,” said Mrs Thompson with a smile. “Now, can you guess the next instrument? It also has strings – but this time, they’re on the outside.” She pressed the button again.

“Is it a violin?” Katy suggested, hesitantly. She was always a bit shy about speaking up, but she was…

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