How Spring Begins

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The sun’s rays will wake up something in the ground... What could it be? You and your children can find out what the arrival of spring looks like in the countryside. This short spring fairy tale, which is suitable even for the little ones, will help you.

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How Spring Begins
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In the morning, the sun rose into the sky briskly. Important tasks were waiting for it.

“I need to melt the rest of the ice and snow. Then I have to heat and dry out the meadows, and lastly, wake up all of the winter sleepers from their long nap," it said, listing its errands.

Well such a large amount of work isn’t easy! But the sun didn’t complain. It focused and started to send one beam after another to the ground. It was heating, and heating, and heating - but nothing was happening below.

“Where is everyone? Or am I not hot enough?” wondered the sun in disappointment.

That's when something started to happen on the surface. Suddenly a tiny pile of earth rose, and a small green flower bud peeked out hesitantly.

“You're finally here!” The sun exclaimed with joy. It greeted the bud with one of his rays.

The bud was still sleepy. It blinked and looked around with curiosity. It heard a splash of water from somewhere – it must be a stream! The water shimmered, carrying the remains of ice with it. The curious flower bud squirmed and stretched a little higher on its slender stem to get a better look.

At that moment, it noticed a white pile of something a bit further. It must surely be snow! However, it wasn't fluffy like a white pillow. It looked dull when it glittered, and drops slowly dripped down into the earth. The surrounding area was damp with water.

The little green bud couldn’t stop staring at the wonderful things around it. It noticed sticky brown mud, shiny puddles, and some dry and yellowed grass. There were even a few icicles hanging from the black branches of the bare trees! But…

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