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In this good night story, the kid becomes an explorer and goes to get to know his own body. He visits various limbs and several organs, gets to know their activity and function, and at the same time calms down before evening sleep.

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Little Explorer
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Tonight we're setting out on a wonderful journey. So make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and relax your whole body: arms, legs, neck… Just focus on your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose... and breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Again, breathe in... and breathe out. And again. Take a deep breath in... and breathe out slowly. With every single breath, you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Now we can go on the promised journey. Imagine that you can wander through your whole body, visiting every limb, every single organ. Even each cell that makes you yourself.

We'll begin in the head, because all of our thoughts live there. Sometimes they're naughty when they keep chatting in our heads. Imagine them as naughty kids in the kindergarten shouting and yelling all of the time.

But we're going to try to calm them down a bit. Let’s just put them to bed. The naughty thoughts are already tired. Look how they yawn, getting ready to sleep. They can rest with you.

Let’s move slowly to your eyes. What does it look like there? Picture a large meadow with colourful flowers that gently wave like a soft wind is petting them. These are tiny cells that make our eyes see the world around us. Light constantly falls on them, and then they create the image we see. Now stroll around them. Try to touch one tenderly.

Say goodnight to your eyes. Now we'll go down from your head to your lungs. They are a very important place, because they put oxygen into your blood. The blood transports oxygen to every single cell, and that's when it can work for our body at full strength.

Notice how your entire chest rises when you breathe in…

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