7 beautiful animated cartoons that hide strong messages and can be useful for adults as well

7 beautiful animated cartoons that hide strong messages and can be useful for adults as well

Cartoons are primarily intended for children, but let's be honest: adults love them too. Some of them just help us relax, others make us laugh, and some leave a strong impression on us. These are exactly the cartoons we will be left thinking about for a long time after watching them, because they have a really strong and timeless message.

We have picked 7 of the best for you

#1 The little prince

Let's start with this absolute classic, which just a few years ago was finally released as an animated version. Just like the book, this animated movie is for both children and adults: everyone will find something for themselves there. The story contains several beautiful messages that we wrote about in our recent blog post

#2 Beauty and the Beast 

This animated movie by Disney's studio is a beautiful story about the love that develops between a true beauty and a “monster”. After watching it, each of us will resonate with one very strong thought, namely that appearance is not the most important thing and beauty is not everything, despite the fact that in today's society it is often placed high up on a pedestal. 

#3 Coco

This cartoon is proof that even the new animated films still have something to offer, and they are really worth it. Coco is a beautiful story that delivers the wonderful message that there is nothing more important in the world than family. 

#4 Mulan

This cartoon also says more than it might seem at first glance. Some people claim that gender stereotypes have only become a mainstream topic in recent years. However, Mulan is proof that this topic has been on the table for a long time. It is the main character who is proof that a woman has the right to achieve her goals and be different, but at the same time keep her good heart and be tender. 

#5 Inside out

This digitally animated film has existed for several years, but we can safely assume that no one will ever be able to make another that would better portray our emotions. In this story, children will enjoy the funny scenes and engaging storytelling, while adults will be given the opportunity to think about how important our emotions are and whether it is a pity that we try to suppress them so often. 

#6 Cinderella

In this case, although it is an older fairy tale, its message is so timeless that it is valid even nowadays. Most probably already know the fate of the hard-working Cinderella, who not only her stepmother but also her sister treat very badly. However, the end of the fairy tale is proof that karma does exist, and that everyone ends up getting what they deserve. Some get good things, some get bad things. 

#7 Lion King

Disney lovers consider this wonderful fairy tale to be one of the most beautiful ever produced. Almost everyone has memories of crying while watching it. Besides the touching story, this cartoon is also a tale about friendship, love, family and, most importantly, the fact that if someone wants to hurt us, they will not hesitate to use even the most insidious weapons. But in having a pure heart and remaining side by side with our close ones, there is no fight that is lost in advance. 

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