The Wall

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This story involves the strong-willed characters Hare, Wall, Gap, and Blackbird... Hare wakes up to a day that’s quite different from what she expected. All because of Wall, which mysteriously appeared overnight. How will Hare deal with such an unwelcome obstacle? (Hint: Gap and Blackbird are involved!) It’s all about determination and the discovery of one’s own strength and creativity. And of course, one’s ability to enjoy the unfolding adventure.

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The Wall
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Hare woke to find a giant wall outside her home. It loomed as high as her startled eyes could see.

She drummed her strong back feet on the ground. She was hungry, but supper would have to wait.

“This is most inconvenient,” Hare grumbled.

Because it was.

Hare went back to sleep hoping Wall would go away. But it didn’t.

It was still there when she woke up somewhat later.

She was furious.

And ravenous.

Hare examined Wall, looking for a way out. But it was hopeless.

Wall blocked the moonlight and Hare shivered, even though the air was perfectly still. Now her chest and her tummy felt hollow.

Hare scrabbled at the dirt to see if she could escape underneath it. But Wall was buried too deep.

She stretched up and tried to spring over Wall, but it was too high.

“THIS. IS. TOO. HARD,” Hare groaned through clenched teeth. She flopped onto her belly and sighed loudly.

“Hello there!” chirped a friendly voice.

Hare rubbed her eyes and stared as Blackbird fluttered down beside her.

“Feeling a bit stuck, are you?”

“Yes,” sniffed Hare. “There’s no way around Wall. I can’t get under it. And I can’t get over it. I give up. I’m done.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” said the little bird cheerfully. “There must be something else you can try.”

“I’ve tried everything,” whimpered Hare, “I’ll never get out. Never, never, never.”

She kicked at Wall in frustration. It trembled ever so slightly.

“Careful!” cautioned Blackbird as brick dust showered down on the pair. “Wall might fall and squish-squash us to slosh.”

“Hmmm…” mused Hare, “interesting…”

“Is it?” puzzled Blackbird. “Why?”

“Maybe there’s a way through it,” said Hare, flexing her hind…

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