The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

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It’s better to live happily and peacefully than in abundance, but fearing about the future.

When the country mouse visits her town mouse cousin, despite the abundance of things, she finds herself standing there in fear of her own life, too.

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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
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Once upon a time, there was a small mouse. She had lived in a field since forever, and moving somewhere else was something she couldn't imagine. To her it was the most beautiful place in the whole wide world. How could anyone live somewhere else? Digging in the dirt and running through vast wheat fields were her favourite activities. She was so fast that she could cross the field in the blink of an eye. She knew every twist and turn and could, she thought, probably even run the whole path with her eyes closed and not fall down.

Now, this country mouse had a very dear cousin who lived in a nearby town, and one day she invited him for a cup of tea and a stroll in the fields. Her cousin didn’t make her wait, but packed a bag, and set off at once for the countryside.

The country mouse loved her town cousin dearly, so she prepared a heartfelt and wonderfully delicious welcome. She made tea and set out her best roots and beans and bread. It wasn’t a fancy meal, but she had made it with love, and there was plenty of everything so her cousin could eat his fill.

The next day, the city mouse arrived at the country mouse’s humble house. The two mice hadn’t seen each other in ages, and they excitedly squeaked with joy as they hugged.

“Come in, dear cousin! Have something to eat, get some rest and make yourself at home,” the country mouse said, taking her cousin to the food she had so carefully prepared.

But when the town mouse saw the simple country food, he turned up his nose.

“Oh cousin, how could you serve such disgusting food to anyone? I should have known…

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