The Squirrel That Had Trouble Saying Sorry

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Suzy the squirrel is gifted in many ways, but she can't do one thing: she can't say "sorry." However, one of the animals in the forest teaches her why we need this word, and Suzy finds out that a sincere apology can smooth things out and bring us closer.

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The Squirrel That Had Trouble Saying Sorry
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One fine day, when the sun was shining brightly across the sky, a visitor came to the forest. The squirrel sisters welcomed their rusty-colored friend with a bushy tail. Her name was Suzy. She came with only a small suitcase and a large smile.

The little squirrel was happy all of the time. She would tell jokes, come up with fun games and do tricks. She would hop and jump around with her bushy tail; she was able to crack a nut in half with her palm; and she could also make the scariest grimace you've ever seen!

However, there was one thing Suzy couldn't do. This is what happened:

One morning Suzy was sitting on a branch, looking around thoughtfully and shelling a nut. Suddenly, she heard a deep growl out of nowhere. It was Mr. Bear walking under the tree. Suzy was so frightened that she dropped the nut from her paws and it landed directly on the bear's head.

Mr. Bear put his head in his large hairy paws. “Ouch, what was that?” he growled in irritation.

But Suzy the squirrel didn't call out and didn't apologise to him. Instead, quietly and without a word, she ran to the house and slammed the door.

"What was that?" Mr. Bear muttered in confusion, lumbering to his cave.

The next day, the animals decided to make a campfire. They planned on singing songs while baking something delicious. Sophie the fox and Suzy the squirrel offered to gather wood for the fire. They walked through the woods together. Suzy told funny stories, and sometimes they would both bend down to pick branches up from the ground.

At one point, they both bent at the same time and hit their heads.

“I’m sorry, Suzy," said Sophie as she stroked her…

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