The Peacock and the Crane

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Nature takes something from us, and gives something in return.

The peacock is so obsessed with its own beauty that over time it begins to completely ignore the other animals. They aren't beautiful enough for it to talk to them. They decide to teach it a small lesson.

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The Peacock and the Crane
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Once upon a time, there was a peacock living by a small pond. The pond had lily pads and was lined with cattails on one side. Every day, the peacock proudly strolled along the shore, spreading his magnificent, colorful feathers whenever he met another bird. His giant tail-fan full of colours and patterns shimmering in the sunshine was admired by everyone who lived nearby.

When there was no admirer in sight, the fowl himself feasted his eyes on his reflection on the clear areas of the pond. Sometimes he even kicked a pebble into the water to ripple the surface and admire his own beauty in the tiny waves.

Over time, his pride turned into arrogance and haughtiness. In his eyes, other birds were not beautiful enough to be worth talking to or, heaven forbid, pal around with. Everyone around was pretty much irked by it, so the other birds came up with a plan to play a joke on the egoistic, cocky peacock.

They gave the task to a common crane, the most mundane and unexceptional bird compared to the peacock. His scrawny little body, the grey colouring and skinny legs made him the opposite of the peacock. Far and wide, there was no bird so dull and forgettable as the crane.

A beautiful morning came. Sparrows were chirping and the sun was shining, no clouds in the blue sky. The crane waited and watched, waited and watched. Finally, it saw the peacock admiring his own reflection - again! - and smoothing out his colourful feathers.

He set out for a little walk, using his long, awkward legs to meet the vain fowl. When they met, the peacock instantly began to mock the crane:

“Oh crane, why don’t you do something with those feathers of yours! Don’t…

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