Roamer, Scoot, and the Ants

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When Scoot, the big black dog, hears a roar in the yard, he comes to help at once. But he soon finds out it was just his friend, Roamer, who'd discovered an anthill for the first time. You can also learn about the life of ants in this fairy tale for the little ones.

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Roamer, Scoot, and the Ants
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A huge fluffy dog lounged in front of a shed. He was bathing in the first warm sun beams. Spring is coming soon, Scoot thought to himself with excitement. By the way, Scoot was the fluffy dog’s name.

However, a wild yowl suddenly dragged him from his peaceful half-sleep. It was coming from the road. Scoot didn’t hesitate a single second and ran off to the sound as though he had grown wings. Is someone in trouble?

To his surprise, when he arrived, he found only a little red-haired cat. The cat looked insulted and glared at the fence with his green eyes, his snout swollen, and he licked his paw furiously.

“What’s going on here, Roamer? I heard a terrible cry from here." The dog could barely say it without gasping. He'd run as fast as he could.

“That little pile of dirt bit me!” whimpered the cat, pointing at the fence in a sulk.

Scoot turned to the fence, looked and laughed. “Did you stick your nose in the anthill?”

“What’s an anthill?” asked Roamer, who was still upset.

“Come with me, you can cool your snout in the stream and I'll tell you about it along the way.” Roamer followed his huge friend.

The dog went on to explain: “Can you see that little creature in the road carrying a fir needle? It’s an ant. And it’s carrying the needle to build its house, an anthill.”

“One needle? Will it be enough? It’s nothing!” said a surprised Roamer.

“But ants are hard working. They add a needle to a needle, a twig to a twig and a leaf to a leaf all day, until a hill grows under their feet. Just like the one you nosed into today,” the black dog…

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