The Owl They Called Stupid

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It seems Pauline the owl is not as wise as the other owls, and this bothers her a lot. However, a doctor fixes this problem, and Pauline finds out she’s not stupid after all.

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The Owl They Called Stupid
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Once upon a time, in a land of deep forests and bubbling rivers, there lived a family of owls. The mother owl was raising three baby owlets on her own. She loved them all equally, but when the youngest of her babies, her little Pauline, started going to school, it turned out she would be a lot more trouble than the other two.

No matter how hard she tried, she kept bringing home bad grades! Mama owl just couldn’t understand why.

“Pauline, you’re an owl, how come you aren’t wise?” scolded her worried mother. “You keep getting bad grades and your teacher is always sending me notes about how you’re not doing well. How is that possible?”

“I don’t know, mother! I am doing the best I can. Really I am. I don’t know why I can’t catch up. I don’t understand anything on the black board,” answered her daughter helplessly, holding her wings up in bafflement.

“But your teacher should be able to explain it to you, she’s incredibly smart,” her mother snapped.

The two older sisters, Vera and Agatha, also weighed in. “Stupid owls exist too, mum. Our little Pauline is a living proof of that!” They both laughed harshly as Vera teased her little sister with her words.

“Right you are, not all owls can be wise,” nodded Agatha. "Thank goodness I'm not one!"

The poor little owlet started to cry and curled up in the corner, holding one wing over her face as she sobbed.

“It doesn’t matter, baby girl,” her mother said, softly. “Even if you’re not that smart and get bad grades, I still love you just as much as your sisters. But you could try at least a little harder.”

When Pauline was on her way to school the next day,…

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