The North Wind and the Sun

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This version of Aesop's fable teaches that peace and a smile can help you achieve more than anger and strength.

The North wind and the sun couldn’t figure out who was stronger. In the end, they decide that the first one to take the coat off the traveller who was walking along the way would win.

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The North Wind and the Sun
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The powerful north wind was blowing over the land and people in its way were closing their window shutters to hide. It was really a very strong and cold wind. It could tear trees apart if it desired or muster a blizzard that covered the entire country in snow - in just a few moments!

Out on the open sea, it could create waves so high no fishing boat stood a chance against them. On such days, fishermen didn’t even bother to leave the shore. Even migrating birds flew other places to avoid it, because flying against a wind so powerful made their wings too tired.

One day, the north wind, blowing and blustering high above the ground, met the sun. The wind started mocking the golden disk, and boasting about its unrivalled power: “You had better move out of my way or I’ll blow you so far, you’ll never shine on this land again!” he whooshed.

But the sun was not impressed. It wouldn’t let the wind talk down to it, for it was also mighty. The two began arguing about which of them was more powerful. Neither of them was willing to budge until they saw a pilgrim walking along a dusty road, as small as an ant, down on earth.

The wind wanted to create a dust storm to prove his strength, but the sun stopped it. Instead, they made a bet: the first one who was able to take off the pilgrim’s coat would be considered the strongest, and that would be the winner.

So the wind began blowing under the pilgrim’s coat. It whistled, first from one side, then from the other. Every time the coat flew up but never enough to leave his owner completely. The angry wind kept blowing stronger and…

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