The Little Star

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This is a Christmas story about a little star. After it falls from the sky, two curious children discover it. Although the children fail to return the star to the sky, it eventually finds its place as a Christmas tree decoration.

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The Little Star
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It was a beautiful winter evening. Christmas was just around the corner, and the air was filled with a joyous and festive atmosphere. Most people were already at home with their families. Only two little children were still playing outside in the small square.

They were making a snowman with carrots and twigs, when suddenly something bright flashed high above their heads.

“What was that?” cried out the little girl in surprise. She was wearing a lovely pink knit cap with a white yarn bobble on top.

“I don’t know. It looked like a coin glittering in the sun,” said the boy in a blue woolen cap, its earflaps scratching his chin. “We should finish the snowman, though. It’s getting dark. We'll have to go home soon.”

“You’re right. We have to make him some eyes. Let’s find a few pebbles under the snow.”

But as they were searching under the freshly fallen snow, something strange caught the boy’s eye. “Look! Something’s sparkling over there!” he said, wading through the snow towards the shining object.

“What is it?” asked the girl, following hot on his heels.

“It looks like a star.” The boy cleared away the crusty snow with his gloves to look at the glittering thing.

“Oh! It really is a star! It’s so beautiful!” cried the girl happily. “What should we do with it?”

“It must have fallen from the sky, so we should make a wish on it. We should wish for heaps of chocolate nut ice cream, for example,” said the boy, thinking out loud.

“No. It’s too cold for ice cream right now, silly. Brrrr, just thinking about it!” said the girl firmly. She shivered.

“So we can save the ice cream for summer,” suggested the boy. "It's…

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