The Christmas Bell

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When preparing for the upcoming Christmas, Santa finds out he has lost his magic bell. He therefore sets out on an extraordinary journey in the middle of summer – to look for a man who could make him a new magic bell.

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The Christmas Bell
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When the very thought of Christmas still hasn't yet crossed anyone’s mind, Christmas preparations are already underway far away at the North Pole. Everyone hustles and bustles to get all of the things ready for the most beautiful time of the year.

Santa Claus’s little helpers, the elves, eagerly make presents for all of the children in the world. Once they finish, Santa sets out on his long flight with his reindeer to give the children their presents. Then he returns back home to enjoy some of the Christmas magic with his own friends and family.

When the festivities are over, he has to start with new preparations for the next year. The elves have to fix the machines they use for making toys. It’s called maintenance and it needs to be done. Everything you use needs a little care if you want it to work properly. Even a simple bike would stop working if you didn’t look after the chain.

That goes for Santa’s reindeer as well. They can’t stay in the stables for the whole year. Santa lets them roam the snowy plains to exercise and explore the North Pole by themselves. He still has to watch over them so that they don’t wander too far away. He enjoys doing it. He loves the long walks and the squeaking, creaking of frozen snow under his boots.

Mrs. Claus has plenty of responsibilities, too. She cooks in the kitchen from early in the morning. Taking care of Santa and all those little elves is truly hard work. And she has to wash all of their clothes as well.

Her husband’s red velvet suit is always the last one she cleans. She likes smoothing it and sewing something a little new on it every single…

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