The Legend of Vanilla

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Beautiful Xanath, who comes from a wealthy family, falls in love with a poor young man. They start meeting secretly because her parents would never accept someone from a penniless family. A god who lives in a nearby temple also falls in love with Xanath. But despite his wealth, he fails to win the girl's heart. He punishes Xanath in anger because there are some things in life no money can buy.

We can’t buy the most important things in life such as health or love.

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The Legend of Vanilla
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This is an ancient legend of a beautiful girl from Mexico. Her name was Xanath. Besides being beautiful, she came from a very wealthy family. She lived in a marvelous palace and yes, she could afford absolutely anything in the world. However, there are some things in life money can't buy. You won’t even get them by using force.

One sunny day, Xanath decided to go for a walk. Birds were joyfully chirping and the hardworking bees were buzzing. All those sounds led her to a nearby park, where she met a young man named Tzarahuin.

He was a dashing lad but unfortunately, his family was poor. He lived with his parents in an old wooden hut on the edge of the forest. However, as we all know, true love makes no distinction between the poor and the rich. The moment their eyes met, they fell in love with each other at once.

After that, each day Xanath came up with various excuses to escape and meet her dear Tzarahuin somewhere secluded. But the more the love birds met, the more they longed to be together. Xanath knew very well, though, that her parents would never let her marry someone poor. So they had no choice but to keep on meeting secretly.

One day, Xanath set out again to meet her beloved Tzarahuin. She walked past a huge temple with a happy smile on her face and humming a cheerful melody. One of the gods who lived in the temple saw her by accident. Overwhelmed by her beauty, he fell in love with the girl immediately.

He was a god of fortune, and he really thought Xanath should be his wife. Having rushed after the girl, he managed to catch up with her even…

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