The Lawyer from the Village

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It’s always worth fighting for justice.

Once a craftsman accidentally forgets to pay his debt to an innkeeper, who in turn charges him an unfairly high late fee. Eventually an old man helps him out at the court.

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The Lawyer from the Village
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Michael was a handy craftsman and could make almost anything out of wood: spoons, bowls, ladles, and many other useful things. There was always a lively bustle in his workshop. He sold everything he made at the market. The townspeople felt lucky to have such a skillful craftsman around, and especially who made so many pretty things.

They also knew Michael very well in the inn in the middle of the town. He was a regular visitor – each morning, he’d stop by to snack, so he would have enough energy to be on his feet at the market all day.

However, one day he left his money at home, and so he asked the innkeeper to give him two hard boiled eggs. He promised to pay after he arrived back from the market.

The innkeeper knew the craftsman very well, and so he prepared his breakfast without hesitation. Michael beat hunger and set out to the market to sell his goods. The hustle and bustle in front of his stall created a pleasant mood. His friends, and even complete strangers would invite him to go have fun around town. And so he absolutely forgot about his debt at the inn.

Months went by, then years. Michael still hadn’t paid for that breakfast, and the innkeeper never reminded him of his debt.

But after five years, the innkeeper asked the handyman: “Michael, when will you pay for those two eggs you ate and left without paying?”

Michael pondered hard, but he could not remember his debt. After a while, he smacked his forehead – true, a long time ago he had forgotten his money and ate breakfast in the inn as a loan. Then he had stayed out late and forgotten about his debt for good.


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