The Egg Goes for a Trip

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This traditional folk tale tells us of an egg’s adventure. On its way, the egg finds animal friends and together they defeat scary bandits.

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The Egg Goes for a Trip
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Once upon a time, there was an egg, sitting and thinking about what to do next. It was very bored at home, so it decided to go and see the world. And so, it got up, and set off on a trip.

As it walked around, it saw a fence with a horse behind it. The horse whinnied.

“Where are you off to, egg?” asked the horse.

“I’m taking a trip,” said the egg proudly.

“You know what, egg? I have already seen everything around my enclosure. I’m coming with you,” said the horse.

And so, now there were two. As they walked on and on, they saw an ox in a meadow. The ox was huffing and stomping so much that the ground shook.

“And where are you two off to?” asked the ox.

“We’re taking a trip,” said the egg for the both of them.

“Then I’m coming with you, I’ve already flattened all the earth on this meadow anyway,” said the ox - and now there were three.

When these three travellers were passing by an old cottage, they saw a cat sunbathing on the roof and meowing lazily.

“Where are the three of you off to?” asked the cat curiously.

“We’re taking a trip,” said the egg once again.

“I’m bored on this roof already, so I’m coming with you,” said the cat - and now there were four.

On and on they wandered until the road led them to a little stream. As they were passing by, they saw a crayfish. They came closer and when the crayfish saw them, he clicked his pincers to scare them away.

“And where are you all off to?” croaked the crayfish.

“We’re taking a trip,” said the egg for the fourth time in a row.


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