The Dragons and the Crows

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One can fix mistakes and bad decisions with determination.

The ruler of the crows makes a fateful decision, upending the lives of his subjects. All the crows have to leave their city, which is then occupied by dragons. Eventually, he comes up with a plan to return all the crows back home.

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The Dragons and the Crows
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For hundreds and hundreds of years, crows and dragons lived very closely to one another. They’d never become friends, even though they’d been neighbours for such a very long time. But they had also never had any angry disputes or quarrels.

Even though the crows would often fly over the dragons’ homes, making lots of noise with their non stop squawking and very annoying cawing, the dragons had never let it upset them.

The dragons just wanted to keep to themselves, only meeting in small groups in dark caves. It was where they practiced their fire-breathing skills and scorched the walls until they turned pitch-black.

One day, the crows chose a new king. His name was Kraaah (caw! caw!) and he got the idea to make the dragons serve the crows. Right after he became king, he sent the dragon king a letter in which he boldly insisted him to bring his fellow dragons to the Crow Kingdom to become their servants.

But Drago, the king of dragons, burst out laughing when he read the letter in his cave. This small, black, puny bird wanted his great, mighty dragons to become servants! The crows should just be happy we put up with their cawing and droppings, the dragon king thought, shaking his giant head.

Drago sharpened his enormous claw on a nearby rock, and when it was honed enough he dipped it in ink and scratched a reply.

“My dear King Kraaah, your letter made me laugh. I apologize, unfortunately, that dragons will never serve the crows, but thank you for the entertainment,” he wrote. When he finished, he gently folded the letter and gave it to the royal messenger. He then ordered him to deliver it to the crows’ king immediately..

After reading Drago’s letter, Kraaah replied only…

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