The Cuckoo Clock

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Max is very much looking forward to a trip to visit his grandparents, who live abroad. His grandfather is a famous watchmaker and he's about to show his grandson his collection of clocks, including cuckoo clocks. But Max doesn't understand why anyone would lock up a cuckoo bird for hours. What will he discover in his grandfather's workshop?

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The Cuckoo Clock
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Max’s mother packed the last sandwich for the road. Then she and his father started loading their luggage into the car and called to Max: “Hurry up! We have to be there by ten! We promised your grandma and grandpa."

Max looked at the brand new smart watch on his wrist. It showed 07:10. His watch also counted Max's steps per day, his number of heartbeats, and it could even be used as a calculator or to make phone calls. Max loved his watch. He carefully wiped the display and covered it with a sleeve. He tossed another book into his backpack and went to the car.

His grandparents lived in Austria and he hadn’t seen them for quite a long time! Max was 4 when he was there for the last time. Now he's old enough to go to school. He remembered his grandpa’s dog and his grandma’s dumplings, though. Max was looking forward to seeing them.

As soon as they left, his mother began to teach Max to talk slowly so that Grandpa and Grandma could understand him. She said it was going to be a great trip and that they would also go on a hike in the Alps. And she added: “If you behave nicely, grandpa might take you to his workshop and show you his rare collection of clocks!”

His grandfather was a famous watchmaker. He knew everything about clockwork and knew how to fix any broken watch.

“You'll also see Grandpa's famous cuckoo clocks!” Mom said.

“Cuckoo clocks?” Surprised, Max looked at her.

“Exactly! These are clocks that have a cuckoo inside. It flies out every hour and 'cuckoos' what time it is. For example, when it's two o'clock, it cuckoos twice," his mother explained.

Max's heart pounded with anger. He thought: th…

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